Canadian Population & Growth by Province

Go East my boy!

China's Steel production is recovering

Mexican Equity Market... en fuego 🔥🔥

@SteveSaretsky The housing deficit will balance itself

Many of the housing issues we are facing today are policy decisions. Whether it be interest rates, immigration, or building approvals. They are choices made by elected officials. Don’t forget that. https://stevesaretsky.substack.com/p/everything-is-a-choice

At this rate housing will never be fixed.

Poloz says big deficit spending in Canada last year has increased the odds of a hard landing this cycle.

Calgary had the strongest rent growth in Canada among condos and apartments.
Average rents in Calgary rose 28.1% annually and 3.8% over the past three months.

Canada has the opportunity to be an energy superpower. New episode of The Loonie Hour with special guest @AndrewJWHaynes https://open.spotify.com/episode/10z0jIdTBKJlL3HSPIw1Ky?si=jSnjTgPKTy2Ahj0Hmqn3jQ&context=spotify%3Ashow%3A4vA4m1d9RVo9KitszSHzN0

If $HKD peg breaks, $CAD also breaks. Risk-on vs Risk-off.

One of the best Loonie Hour episodes yet. @AndrewJWHaynes shares his views on global energy markets and how it affects Canada. $CAD @SteveSaretsky @RichardDias_CFA

European banking industry, desperately waiting for the weekend to come. Here's Deutsche Bank. $DBK $EUR

Spring cleaning, found an old Blackberry. Here she is vs my current iPhone 38ProPlusLite

If countries move towards guaranteeing significant increases in bank deposits, risk will shift increasingly more towards sovereign debt. Recall the 2008 Irish bank/sov debt crisis. This is an important development for all countries.