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The Rate Cutting Cycle Has Begun – The Loonie Hour Episode 139

June 7, 2024

Bank of Canada slashes interest rates, suggests more to come. The ECB also cuts rates, is the Fed next? Economic data is now softening in the US. Why this probably won’t save the Canadian housing market. Private debt fund in Canada halts redemptions in a sign of things to come. Foreign interference corruption in Ottawa.

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Steve Saretsky

Steve Saretsky

Steve is a top producing Vancouver Realtor and Real Estate investor, and is widely considered a thought leader in the industry with regular appearances on BNN, CBC, and Yahoo Finance. Steve’s dedication to analyzing the stats, financial landscape, and policies affecting Canadian Real Estate have allowed him to build a successful business among the top 1% of Greater Vancouver Realtors, while working with and providing advisory services to investment advisors, financial institutions, policy makers and Real Estate developers.

Keith Dicker

IceCap Asset Management

Keith has over 20 years of investment experience as a portfolio manager. He started his career in Halifax with a large Canadian bank where he managed high net worth portfolios on a discretionary basis. Next, for 10 years Keith managed portfolios for an offshore bank in Bermuda where as a senior portfolio manager and head of global equities, he was responsible for global investment strategies including asset allocation, equities, fixed income, commodities, alternative investments, and multi-currency.

Richard Dias


Richard is driven to provide quality research to investors drawing upon years of experience in financial services. Having started his career at BCA Research, then as the Global Macro Strategist for Talisman Global Asset Management (UK), and most recently as a Global Strategist for Pictet Asset Management in London (UK), Richard can be relied upon to provide clear actionable insights for asset allocation and portfolio construction. His commitment to integrity, originality and clarity of thought is at the core of PGM Global values.


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